The Tea Estate was started by an intrepid British planter Mr. Henry Montgomery Lennox, in 1899 who planted the first tea saplings.

He was succeeded by another British planter Mr.G.W.O'Brien who for many formative years guided Jungpana's growth.

After World War II, Mr. O'Brien sold the tea estate to the ruling Rana family of Nepal.

In 1956, the ownership changed into Indian hands with the pioneering Kejriwal family taking over. Now after five eventful decades, it continues to be in the Kejriwal fold.

During this half a century, the tea estate and factory have seen quantitative and qualitative upgradation. Jungpana teas have been feted for consistency in high quality, winning awards and felicitation, while continuously topping the tea auctions with record breaking prices, year after year.
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